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What We Actually Do?

About Icons
Cyber Security

We are a Cyber-Security Company founded in 2013 to help businesses integrate Information Technology into business strategies, better understand the part that technology plays in supporting those businesses while securing these technologies from threats and exposures.
We pride ourselves with top notch highly qualified consulting team who possess deep technical background, expertise, and experience with a commitment to quality service that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients
We provide simplified top-notch Cyber security and ICT solutions in the prevention and mitigation as well as application of best practices while providing training solutions that build the capacity of our clients to provide for self-reliance and business continuity.
Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients through simplified solutions

Our Passion

We would really love to grow together in assisting you make the right technology decisions for your business or organization. Our passion is to fit where other providers see as risk.
Small to Medium Organizations in the world over are facing various challenges grappling with new Technology pressures and managing risk. This is since very few have the kind of budget that is usually determined by the leading market players. This is true for the simple reason that cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do business.
There is a growing demand for cloud services with the belief that it will provide most if not all solutions to SMEs. The outcome has been technically tragic to many since they are basically handing over control of most of such critical ICT functions to vendors in a cloud arrangement environment before a prior formal risk assessment is carried out.
At Icons Cyber Solutions, we would like to share with you our experiences and help you overcome such risks.