Information Technology Governance

We assist in development and management of the function of information systems strategy; ICT Policies and procedures; risk management plans and procedures.

We understand that business continuity is highly dependent on IT as an integral part of business strategy.   We therefore help organizations ensure that:
a) Information and related technology  are directed to the achievement of organizational objectives
b) IT aligns with business, through exploitation of opportunities presented by technologies to deliver business value; responsible use of IT resources; and appropriate management of IT risks.

Our solutions endeavour to prepare respective organizational ICT functions to:
a)    Develop comprehensive security policies, following standards, guidelines rules and procedures, laws and ethics and suggest responses to any breaches
•    Security policies based on security labeling, password best practices access controls
•    Policies that will direct how security issues should be addressed and technologies used while implementing inexpensive controls to execute security policies
b)    Determine and manage organizational assets
c)    Create end user policies
d)    Organize security awareness training.
These will in turn
a.    safeguard assets;
b.    maintain data and system integrity;
c.    provide reasonable assurance that operational and control objectives are met