Security Audits and Penetration Testing

We recognize that organizations must develop and implement a holistic risk-based IS audit strategy using industry standards, guidelines and best practices. This is important to ensure that IT and business systems are protected and controlled. In addition, it is the responsibility of the ICT management to communicate emerging issues, potential risks, and audit results to key stakeholders.

Our information security audit and penetration testing plan, steps and procedures will therefore provide independent assurance about the compliance of IT with its policies, standards and procedures, as well as with generally accepted practices. We help organizations:
i.    Implement security auditing best practices and conduct an organized technical assessment of system security strengths and weaknesses
ii.    Evaluate processes, procedures, organizations’ job functions and systems
iii.    Develop policies that will direct how security issues should be addressed and technologies used in implementing inexpensive controls to execute security policies
iv.    Password strength testing as well as physical security.
v.    Develop systems and assets secure installation, configuration, provision, and maintenance.
vi.    Secure networks and critical systems with real-time countermeasures
vii.    Develop security policies based on security labeling, password best practices access controls

Our experts will determine whether the security in place satisfies your organizational requirements for safeguarding information assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, and accidental or malicious damage or loss. As a company, we do understand that security failures can be costly to your business.