Our Services

IT Governance

In assisting our clients to meet and exceed their cyber-security needs and challenges, we offer a wide range of consulting packages and products We assist in the development and management of the function of information systems strategy; ICT Policies and procedures; Risk management Plans and Procedures.

We understand that Business continuity is highly dependent on IT as an integral part of business strategy. We therefore help organizations ensure that.

Our solutions will endeavor to prepare your ICT function.

Develop comprehensive security policies, following standards, guidelines rules and procedures, laws and ethics and suggest responses to any breaches.

Security policies based on security labeling, password best practices and access controls.

Policies that will direct how security issues should be addressed and technologies used while implementing inexpensive controls to execute security policies
Determine and manage organizational assets
Create end user policies
Organize security awareness training.

These will in turn

Safeguard assets.
Maintain data and system integrity.
Provide reasonable assurance that operational and control objectives are met.
We employ IT service management practices that guarantee the delivery of the desired service levels that meet or exceed the organization objectives. Our experts will evaluate your entire ICT infrastructure which include.
  • ICT Service Delivery and Support

  • Information systems operations
  • Hardware
  • Information systems architecture and software
  • Network infrastructure

This will provide insights on organizations service structure throughout the life cycle and the current service levels and give guidelines on how best they can be improved while satisfying change requests to properly respond and prioritize investments.

Training and Capacity Building

We have a qualified team of certified and experienced professionals who are well versed in modern Cyber security certification products available in the market today. We organize boot camps for corporate training and in special cases for individuals who need hands on training. Training after implementation/ consultation services will also help in business continuity for our clients as it provides for independent handling of incidents.

Training programs include:

Customized cyber-security courses
Cyber-Security awareness training for corporate organizations and Small office users
IT Essential skills for enhanced office productivity
IT Security Auditing and Assurance
Organizations must develop and implement a holistic risk based IS audit strategy using industry standards, guidelines, and best practices. This is important to ensure that IT and business systems are protected and controlled. In addition, it is the responsibility of the ICT management to communicate emerging issues, potential risks, and audit results to key stakeholders.
Our information security audit plan, steps and procedures provide independent assurance about the compliance of IT with its policies, standards, and procedures, as well as with generally accepted practices.
We help organizations implement security auditing best practices including.
• Organized technical assessment of system security strengths and weaknesses
• Evaluate processes, procedures, organizations’ job functions and systems
• Log reviews, password strength testing as well as physical security.
• Systems and Assets Secure installation, configuration, provision, and maintenance.
• Securing networks and critical systems with real-time countermeasures.
Our experts will determine whether the security in place satisfies your organizational requirements for safeguarding information assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, and accidental or malicious damage or loss. As a company, we do understand that Security failures can be costly to your business.